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All school communication in one handy overview.
Which teacher does not want that? Save time and increase parental involvement.
SchouderCom offers it all. Even your school websites.

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Parent-teacher conferences
organized in 1 minute.

Parent-teacher conferences<br/>organized in 1 minute.

Suppose you are organizing a trip to the museum. Then you will want to ask the parents to help with transportation. This is easily arranged via SchouderCom.

Or consider planning parent-teacher conferences. Very easy: parents indicate their preferred time and with 1 button click everybody knows when they are due. And all this within a secure environment!

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And so you will save a lot of time.

And so you will save a lot of time.

And money of course. Because when using SchouderCom you do not have to administer lists of email addresses anymore. And using surveys in SchouderCom is free. Also the school website is automatically updated. Just to mention a couple of advantages.

Copying information and the time spent doing that now belongs to the past. The difference is thousands of euros yearly. Count your profits.

We give you full support.

We give you full support.

SchouderCom synchronizes smoothly with your Google or Microsoft Outlook calendar. Just like that.

Other matters, such as importing parent's email addresses when starting up, are included in the support.

Starting up is easy and quick. It just takes 3 simple steps:

  • Preparations
  • Setup
  • Get going!

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And coupling with a pupil
administration is
child's play to us.

And coupling with a pupil<br/>administration is<br/>child's play to us.

SchouderCom can be coupled directly with various pupil administrations such as:

  • ParnasSys
  • ESIS
  • And Dotcomschool

Moreover we are considered
the most user friendly and
complete system.

Moreover we are considered<br/>the most user friendly and<br/>complete system.

When talking to schools we hear again and again that SchouderCom is the most user friendly system. Besides this our service and support are well organized.

The nice thing about this is: you can try this out for free. Just create an account, log in, and start exploring the power of SchouderCom.

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